Design. Build. Enjoy.


a little ditty about me

goodnwoodn is a new venture I'm pursuing. I've been in the construction industry for more than 10 years and I've learned something about myself; I like to build things. I've built many things off prints and plans someone gives me, but that's only part of the fun. I like to build things *from scratch. 

Development and planning is where the action is.

Creating something that's a little different.

A little more functional.

A little better.


I don't want to intimidate you. By all means, buy anything I've posted as-is. Usually I make a lot of mistakes the first time and the second time is much better (just kidding). In case you can't take a joke, I'll guarantee you'll love any of my products. If you don't, just send it back and I'll make it right.

Here's what I'm getting at. I need your help. Think of this as a Go Fund Me page. I'm always thirsty for new ideas. New problems. If you have any ideas or suggestions, send them to me now! I need to pay rent lol.


I live in Lincoln, NE so reach out to me if you're in the area and we can discuss pickup or delivery to save on shipping.


Everything that comes out of my shop I make myself. I'm unlikely to compete with big box stores on prices, but I promise you I will go further than anyone to give you the highest quality service and craftsmanship. Seriously, try me. I am a man of my word. Don't listen to my ex.


the goods

here's a quick view of some of the stuff I've made. most have been done by request from a customer. contact me and let me know what you think, and/or if you'd like something a little different. 

visit the shop to see all items and add a few to your cart.

since everything is made-to-order, items usually ship in 1-2 weeks. 


Herringbone Coffee Table

Reclaimed wood makes every piece unique.

Oak Picture Frame

Great way to tie a room together.


Wooden Boxes

This box is make of oak with rabbet joints connecting each piece together, which creates the strongest of bonds. This will last a lifetime. Seriously.


Hexagonal Shelves

These look great on the wall and can be arranged in many different ways. Can be made to any requested size.


"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first hour sharpening the axe."

Abraham Lincoln



Message me if you have any questions or requests. Most of the work I do is custom made, and I prefer to work directly with customers to ensure they get the product, look, and functionality they want.

Also, if you are in the Lincoln, NE area, I can deliver any products to you and save you (and me) any shipping costs.

Thanks for submitting!